Building Material - Adhesive Grouts List :

Keraflex Maxi S1

High-performance deformable cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles, particularly recommended for laying large porcelain and natural stone tiles (thickness of adhesive from 3 to 15 mm).

Kerastile G3

High performance cementitious adhesive, with extended open application time, elastic, with high coverage on the back of the tile and easy on the lining, for ceramic tiles and natural stones. With a very low level of emissions of volatile organic substances. Particularly suitable for mounting artificial granite on large floor surfaces for application thicknesses up to 10 mm.

Adesilex P9

High-performance cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles and stone materials (layer of adhesive up to 5 mm). The white version has very high white balance and excellent workability.


Two-component acid-resistant epoxy adhesive. Can also be used as a grout.
Kerapoxy is an improved reaction resin and slip resistant adhesive (R2T) suitable for fast setting acid-resistant bonding of ceramic tiles, stone material, fibre-cement, concrete and other building material on substrates normally used in building.

BAU 08

Waterproof acrylic tile grout. For very strong 0¬8 mm joints with a smooth, uniform finish. Provides a perfect, water¬repellent, porcelain¬like surface. Not affected by moisture, it is suitable for grouting ceramic tile, ceramic granite, glass mosaic and natural stone on any substrate, indoor or outdoor area, on walls or floors. Its properties allow quick filling of joints and easy cleaning of excess material.


Cement base adhesive suitable for laying ceramic tiles. Examples of applications: For bonding ceramic wall and floor surfaces o concrete, mortar, plaster, bricks, etc. Consumption 1,5¬ 4kg/m¥ depending on the size and the type of tile.


Deformable, polymer modified, cementitious tile adhesive. It has no vertical slip, large open time and high resistance to thermal and mechanical stress and moisture. Examples of applications: installing tiles of all types (eg Gres, percelanato, ceramic marble granite type, etc.) on walls and floors, interior and exterior. Ideal for under¬floor heating, cementitious waterproofing materials, mosaics and general surfaces require high adhesion and flexibility. Classified as type C2TE S1 in accordance with European Directive EN 12004.
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