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Interior Building Constructions ( Wall & Ceilings ) Gypsumboards List :


Is used in general applications for the construction of suspended ceilings, partition walls and inner wall paneling of external wall.

Knauf DF Fire Resistant

Used in high fire resistance requirements constructions. Their core comprises mineral fibers and additives that give the plasterboard special fire resistance. 

Knauf H2 moisture resistant

It is used in high humidity areas. Their paper contains a fungicide substance and the core is treated with additives that significantly reduce their water absorption.

Knauf DFH2 Fire & Moisture resistant

It is used in areas requiring increased passive fire protection and moisture resistance.

Fire board Knauf Vidiwall

Compact structural gypsum and cellulose fiber panel, with high specific weight, hard surface and high mechanical strength. It is used in areas that require resistance to impact and load suspension capability, directly to the infill of the wall, without the aid of the frame. The fiber board Vidiwall¬4VT, is produced in thicknesses of 10mm and 12,5mm with four edges milled for better and easier jointin.

Fireproof gypsum board Knauf 'Fireboard'

Known as an economic high standards fire protection solution. It is a non¬combustible fiber¬reinforced plasterboard, behavior to fire: class A1, for type GM¬F fire protection, according to DIN EN 15283¬1. Surfaces and edges of Knauf Fireboard are coated with a non¬combustible glass fiber mesh. In combination with a glass fiber reinforcement and a special treatment of their gypsum core, meet stringent fire protection requirements. The Fireboard is produced in thicknesses of 15, 20, 25mm and dimensions 1200mm x 2000mm.

Knauf Sound absorbing

Knauf 4ΑΚ

Plasterboard with tapered all four edges, to achieve faster and better jointing.

Knauf Ultra Board

Knauf Ultra Board® special boards are high-density gypsum plasterboard reinforced with polymeric and glass surfaces, with increased surface hardness and flexural strength. They are of the DFIR type, dimensions 1.200X2.500X15mm and can be used in non-interior wall and metal or wooden skeleton dwellings, in homes and high circulation areas such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, prefabricated houses, etc. in fireproof and soundproof interior walls, linings and ceilings.

Plasterboard Knauf InTherm

The inner paneling of the outer walls can be made with ready¬thermal insulating panels Knauf InTherm glued on the wall with plaster glue. These ready Insulated Panels consist of moisture resistant gypsum board and graphite expanded polystyrene as insulation panel EPS 80 with l = 0,032 W / m.K. The thickness of the insulation boards is 5 to 8cm depending on the energy efficiency study. In the advantages, counts the high transpiration ability, which allows the elimination of water vapor from the interior of the building. Also, due to the excellent insulating properties of graphite EPS 80, useful space is saved, by applying smaller thickness compared to other thermal insulation materials.

Knauf Safeboard Plasterboard for radiation protection with barium

Knauf Safeboard is a fire resistant type DF plasterboard according to standard EN 520, with the additional property of protection from X­rays. The core of plaster of Knauf Safeboard, is distinguished from its yellow color. The Plasterboard protection against X­rays is ideal for application in hospitals and radiology clinics laboratories. Neighboring areas to radiological laboratories, should be protected by impenetrable walls to radiation according to the DIN 6812 standard. Plasterboard Knauf Safeboard find use in diagnostic radiology centers and treatment facilities with X­rays of low intensity. Protection from radiation is obtained in the form of sealing of the perimeter shell of irradiation space with ingredients equivalent to lead’s various thicknesses. An easy, economical and effective radiation protection system