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Interior Building Constructions ( Wall & Ceilings ) Interior Building – OSB List :


EGGER OSB 2 is a fl at hardboard with a three¬layer structure of oriented distributed strands (micro-veneers) according to DIN EN 300. It is a load bearing board, which offers high dimensional stability and durability, engineered for performance in situations where relative humidity of air = up to 65%. It is available with an unsanded surface.


EGGER OSB 3 (oriented strand board) is a rigid and dimensionally stable wood panel made of three layers of thin wood strands, glued together with a synthetic moisture resistant binder, under high temperature and controlled pressure conditions. Resulting from their special shape, quality and orthogonal distribution across the board thickness, EGGER OSB 3 has outstanding properties – increased elasticity along the axis and excellent bending strength. EGGER OSB 3 has a low formaldehyde content which is equivalent to natural wood according to EN 13986. A load bearing board with outstanding mechanical properties, suitable for use in situations where relative humidity of air = up to 85%. Area of applications: dry and humid conditions (e.g. roofing) available in Tongue and groove formats.


EGGER OSB 4 TOP is a 100% formaldehyde¬free bonded wood construction board with building authority approval Z¬9.1¬566. EGGER OSB 4 TOP is a synthetic resin bonded flat pressed board with a three¬layer structure consisting of especially aligned strands (micro veneers) according to building authority approval Z¬9.1¬566 of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). The special strand geometry (strand length up to 160 mm) has a high degree of strand orientation and combined with the raw materials used assure above¬average technical characteristics for use in load bearing, reinforcing construction with board thicknesses of up to 40mm.

Roofing Board

Egger Roofing Board is the ergonomic solution for fast and safe roof decking.