Building Material - Reducing Anchoring List :


Two-component, anti-corrosion cementitious mortar for steel reinforcement rods.

Mapefer 1k

One-component, anti-corrosion cementitious mortar for steel reinforcement rods.

Mapegrout Thixotropic

Fibre-reinforced, compensated-shrinkage mortar for repairing concrete.

Mapegrout T40

Thixotropic, fibrous, non-shrinking cement, medium strength (40 MPa) for concrete repair.

Mapegrout T60

Fibre-reinforced, sulphate-resistant thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete.


Quick-setting and hardening, compensated-shrinkage hi-flow mortar for repairing concrete and fixing drains, manholes and urban architectural fittings in place.

Mapegrout SV T

Quick-setting and hardening, compensated-shrinkage thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete and fixing drains, manholes and urban fittings in place.

Mapegrout Hi Flow

Use Mapegrout Hi-Flow for all concrete repairs that require the use of fluid mortars, such as reinforced concrete beams and columns and floors.

Mapegrout Fast Set

Fibre-reinforced, quick setting and hardening, compensated-shrinkage mortar for repairing concrete

Planitop 330

Quick-setting, fibrereinforced cementitious mortar for internal and external floors and walls, applied at a thickness from 3 to 30 mm to smooth out irregularities

Planitop 400

Fast setting shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortar for cortical restoration of concrete by applying a single coat of mortar at a variable thickness between 1 and 40 mm

Adesilex PG1

Two-component thixotropic epoxy adhesives for structural bonding

Adesilex PG2

Two-component thixotropic epoxy adhesive with long workability time for structural bonds.

Adesilex PG4

Two-component, thixotropic, epoxy adhesive with modifiedrheology for bonding Mapeband and Mapeband TPE, PVC braces, Hypalon and for structural bonding


Two component solvent-free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds


Two-component, super-fluid epoxy resin for injections and anchorings.

WEBER.TEC Ripara 60

Thixotropic mortar for restoring, repairing and protecting structural elements made of reinforced concrete.

BAU 180

BAU 180, one component brushable cementitious mortar, light blue color, with polymers for protection of steel reinforcement from corrosion and bonding layer between old and new concrete or mortar. Consumption approx. 1,60kg/m²/mm.
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